Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow--ICE in South Carolina

Hope this finds everyone doing well and enduring the wintertime!  I am having a hard time finding things to talk to you about!  I LOVE reading all of your blogs....and a QUESTION for you....I cannot leave comments on certain blogs...one is Pickled Pepper Patch and the other is Tomatoe Creek Prims..does anyone have any ideas as to why???...and has this happened to anyone else? 
Made a few decisions lately concerning our booth and what we are going to be doing with it....we have not had a wildly successful year, but have enjoyed what we have done....so....we are going to keep at it.  I have also contacted a few girls locally with prim stores and we are going to try to make a few things to put in their stores also.  Mom and Frank came through on their way to Florida and I had mom come with me and do an inventory and 'change up' the booth.  She was a BIG help!  We got it all done, but I got to talking and I forgot to take any more pictures than this!  Mom really helped me out by BUYING some things form me for her friends birthday...YEAH!!!!!

They were calling for a big snow storm here for Friday and Saturday, but we got mostly sleet and ice...but it was pretty to walk in...no snow angels or snow men, though...too hard!!!!  Hopefully we will have another snow storm soon....I LOVE snow!

These are some flowers that have started to BLOOM again!  They bloom all year...funny, my friend that bought this for my birthday years ago...thought I would enjoy it for the season, but it just keeps coming back!  Love it!

This is  a pic of part of my backyard.  I thought I might mention that I am wanting to sell this ladder.  I found it in a barn last summer and LOVED it but it is too big for my home...and as I shared before I have my Father in laws old ladders that I decorate with....if you know of anyone interested...let me know!  I can take a better pic if anyone is interested!  Usually, I have a little herb garden in forn of the bench.  It looks so drab in the winter....BUT Spring is closer than it was!  
Has anyone been watching American Pickers????  Love that show!  Sounds like something I would LOVE to do!!!  I am a follower of Olde Tyme Marketplace and she does something very similar and finds the neatest stuff!!!!

Well, everyone have a Great rest of the week...gonna try to get myself out of this 'funk' and start doing some things!

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