Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some pretties ...

Thought I would show you a few things around my home...nothin' fancy....just HOME!

Love this in my front yard...this is SO pretty! I was taking the pic and the neighbor girl walked by nd said she thought this looked like a pic in a magazine!

This is Sarah, our trusty old dog who loves to sleep, take walks, and EAT!!!! She is such a good companion!

This is a yard sale redo.....I painted it and Hubby made the box for the bottom. I put it in the booth today.

This is one of my attempts to use those labels that we all love so!

These are some more of the bottles that Seth found for me to wash up and use for the Rehearsal dinner.....they sure are dirty, but there are some really neat ones! Thanks Seth!

Well, again, not exciting, I know but just wanted to share a little bit of "Me" with ya!

Have a great evening !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a short one.......

Ok...I am short, but what I meant is that I was going to do a short post!!! Ok, a little silly this morning! I am looking for a dress for the wedding and think I may just go crazy! I am not the "normal" size, as I am 4"11". There isn't a huge amount of dresses out there for someone my size and my age. I don't really want to spend alot of money on something that I won't necessarily wear again, so.....I am on a quest and I will win! Keep ya posted!

I had promised a picture of Seth's piece of furniture that we unearthed from the old barn a couple months ago. Remember, I told you the story about getting it here, cleaning it up and then getting it on the truck to take it to KatyDids to sell and the mirror flying off????? It was beautiful! Amazing that it was still intact after all of these is probably from around the 1800's! Well, it is still for sell, but just the bottom part. He kept the rest of it to possibly try to fix for himself if it doesn't sell as is..but.....He needs moolah right now!!!
This is a picture of another piece that we got out of the same barn.. It is for sale also at Katydids...I think it would make a great TV stand for one of the big screen TV's! This pic was taken before we got the knobs back on.

I just want to say that I have so enjoyed reading all of your blogs and my husband laughs at me because I talk about you as if I know you!!! I hope to have more time to write and share my thrifting journeys with life will be making some twists and turns in the near future and I will come out on the other side as a Empty Nester! More on that later!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sharing my roots

My Italian roots that is!!!!!

Since I haven't shown many pics of my makeover crafts, thrifting, etc lately...thought I would share what I am doing.....

These are ust some of the bottles that I am cleaning up to use for my son's Rehearsal dinner.....the plan is to get them clean and put one on each table with these sunflowers in them! [fake--the place we are in doesn't want fresh flowers in the building as it is old and they can stain the floor,etc] My son and I have found a bunch of old mason jars and milk bottles and thought it would be a cute "prim" centerpiece! I am planning on lining the tables with white butcher paper, and then putting a square of homespun in the middle ---green and beige-----and then the jars and flowers...what do ya think?????? Another idea I had was to put crayons at each table...or colored pencils maybe for people to draw on or write sentiments for the kids....not sure of this yet! The theme is Italian since I am making Lasagna and Meatballs and homemade sauce. AAAHHH!!!

Anyway, wanted to share that with ya!
Haven't felt very good the last 24 hours....achy joints and all....hmmm....
Hope your weekend is gong well!

Hey...remember me talking about the piece that my son found and was taking to sell and the mirror fell off???? It is a VERY old one...somewhere around 1800's...I think I can finally show you a pic of it! Be watching for it!!!! It is [was] a beauty!!!! left a comment on my last blog....I wanted to leave you a note, but couldn't on your email addy either!!! My husband does a 100 mile bike ride to raise money for MS!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Precious Moments

Good Morning! I am here again, and wondering if I have anything to say to the people who choose to stop by and read what I have to say. I so enjoy reading about your lives and the twists and turns that life takes you on. Mostly simple posts about the everyday. I guess it makes you realize that we are not alone in our journeys. I like to see that you too rejoice in the mundane things!

As I have said before, I have one son, who has just graduated from college and is now preparing for the biggest time of his life....His Marriage! Life is very exciting right now, as they are getting all the little details together for the wedding, but these two have worked very hard on what comes after that....The everyday of living...the ups, downs, ......well...the Mundane days! You know, when the house just needs picked up and you work at it together.....the yard mowed, the clothes washed, you need dinner for two....and you are tired...bills need to be paid....etc,etc.....just stuff...nothin' special. The special part comes in knowing that you are with the one you love...and that is all that REALLY matters. These are the days when you can easily get frustrated and snap at each other when you don't really want to, or mean to. But if you are prepared for it, it all seems to flow and you get by them and then realize...This is what LIFE is all about! Being togehter ---for each other---through ALL of it!
Dress up date....

Mountain climbing

My husband and I were married young, and I won't say this about him, but boy was I Dumb! I new nothing of cooking and cleaning or anything domestic really! I was still a selfish girl. But he suffered through with me and now we are going on 28 years! Life is full f hard times, as well as good. There are days when we both wonder what are we doing??? But deep inside on those days we know in our hearts that we need each other. We "FIT". Part of that came from living through the Mundane and doing it with each other! Not sure if that makes sense to anyone....

But...THESE are the Precious for the end of each day....and CHERISH them! Know that each of the days when we don't feel like anything special is happening....or WE don't feel special....know that you are in a scene in a motion picture and, but you see only part of have to be patient and hold on for the showstopper at the end!!!!
And, it will win Academy Awards!

Now, hopefully, my life will soon be to the point of me doing a little bit of crafting! I haven't got much done n the last bit! Fall is coming and then comes Christmas! I need to get moving, huh???
Have a Great day...Mundane and All....PRECIOUS MOMENTS!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking for the LIDO deck!!

Hey all...just got back from a week of Cruising! This was my first and if I can ever afford it again, will not be my last! It is CRAZY! Food...ALL the time...[not good since my son is getting married in August....], is the life!!

My mom turned 80 this year and she wanted all of her family to go on a cruise with she paid for us to go!! WooHoo! It was my brother and his wife and my sis and her husband and Mom and her husband Frank, as well as my brothers wife's sister and Mom. We ate dinner together every night {at 8:15 pm} and shared our experiences of the day together. We stopped in Key west and then on to Grand Caymans and then to Jamaica, was awesome! I will share photos in the necxt few weeks....

Now, I need to focus on making meatballs and sauce to freeze for the rehearsal dinner. My sister will be coming to help me prepare the lasagna to freeze at the end of August.

What has been going on with all of you in the last couple weeks? Good Fourth of July??? We stopped in Jacksonville on the way home and got to watch them there....just awesome!

Well, everyone ---take care.....I am working on photos to share....