Monday, August 31, 2009

Mother of the Groom!

Like the movie...Father of The Bride....only it is me...Kim! So many times this past felt like I was in a movie...and things and people were just moving around me and I would just have to stop and breath and take it all in! Moms, time stands still for NO one!!! Enjoy Every Moment God gives you with your sweet families!!!!!

This is Seth and Mollie practicing "The Cord of Three Strands" It is a beautiful representation of the life they will live with God at the center....

The Rehearsal Dinner tables WITHOUT the Lasagna!!!! It turned out wonderful, I think! Shew!!!!

The Grooms cake....Ford ...all the way!!

I will have to post more pics later as my computer is on the fritz right now.....I am working on that though!!!!
Will be back soon!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It Won't Be Like This For Long

Hi there!!!! Wow...we are on 9 days and counting til the big day! It seems like time has flown by, and yet it seems like it drags on...strange to feel both! Ever feel that way???

I found a dress...actually 2 dresses.....not sure of which one I want to wear! It is so hard for me to think of being in pics...I hate pics of me...but I LOVE to take pics of others! We will see how it goes.

Time has been spent thinking, planning and making LISTS! I am so afraid of forgetting something for the rehearsal dinner. I have stashes all over the in the freezer...shoo! I also am helping Seth get everything packed up to take to his new home. So, we have that all over too! I actually cleaned Seth's room yesterday, so he doesn't fell claustrophobic in it! I just keep reminding myself..."It Won't Be Like This For Long". Have you heard that song...? Oh is about a girl, but I can make it for a boy in my mind! Darius Rucker does it --if you haven't.

I made some sauce and meatballs to freeze and will make one more today or tomorrow. My mom and sis are going to make some extra sauce also. We are going to use the catering kitchen in the lodge and it has warming ovens, so I have to make sure the Lasagna will not dry out!

I wanted to show a few more things that I found earlier in the summer in the old barn. I need to take them to the booth....

You know, I am so PROUD of my son! He brought home an OLD rocker yesterday with the greatest "Bones"! It is in very bad shape, but he has dreams of having it re-upoholstered...he has such vision! I just don't know too many young people that can think past the look of stuff (and the smell :D) to see a beautiful finished antique!

I am still struggling with my tick bite. I took the recommended two weeks of anti-biotics, but still"feel" like something isn't right! I have to wait for 4-6 weeks to get the test for Lymes Disease, so I must wait. Not a very patient person!

Well, have a great end of week and WEEKEND!! WooHoo! will be ONE WEEK!!! OMGoodness!



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is in response to Linda at Behind My Red Doors challenge of things I like about August! It was kind of tough, because, normally it is not my favorite month at all!

I also wanted to show off a nice crock I found...and ask if anyone knows of a place to find out more about value and only has the #2 on it...but I don't see any names....any ideas are appreciated! This is my first "real" crock buy!!! I just liked the look of it! Probably will go into my booth, so I want to know more about it to price it.

So here goes......

My 10 Best Things About August

#1~~~August 29th--Seth and Mollie will become man and wife

#2~~~Sunflowers---Black -Eyed Susans and all the other pretty yellow flowers....

#3 Tomatoes...usually we can lots and lots of them this month, but now I am just making Spaghetti sauce and meatballs :D (if confused--you just have to read earlier posts!) BUT, I am eating LOTS of them!!!!

#4~~~Fresh veggies and fruit...squash, corn, SC peaches (orchards all around me) watermelon, cantaloupes,, I am in heaven!

#5~~~Thoughts of fall

#6~~~~ Thoughts of cooler weather...not cold, but not sweaty either! I can burn candles without it making it hotter! WooHoo!

#7~~~~ The Greek Festival in Charlotte is just a couple weeks away!

#8~~~~ Football....crazy, but I am starting to actually LIKE do NOT understand it, but I like it!

#9~~~Fall feels SO good to get that done!

#10~~~~~The SOUNDS of fall...the crickets and bugs....birds...they ALL sound different...

Well, that is my feeble attempt....
Hope all are having a great August!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Thrift store FIND!!!!!

See my sweet Sarah???? She had to be in the pic! From this pic you can also see the little music box that is on the rocker.

Just wanted to pop in and show you this sweet little rocking chair for kids that I found! I have never seen one before and the folk at the antique store that I have a booth in say they haven't either! I think it is adorable!!!!!

What do you think?????

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ticks and Bees...ooh, what a week!

View from The Lodge at Table Rock

Sorry that I have been away for so long...I mean, I have been right here, but life got in the way of my posting!

Let's see.....since we were last son came home from work on the farm---with swollen eye, after being stung by a bee under his eye.....oh did it look horrible....he had to stay home for a day, because he couldn't even see out of t!!! After loads of Benedryl and ice, he was off to work, and feeling fine!

I was bitten by a tick Sunday before last, and thought all was ok for a few days until my lymph nodes began swelling and and I didn't feel so to the doc. I am on an anti-biotic...and then after a month they can do the not so accurate test to see if I have Lyme's Disease...GREAT! Anyway, feeling some better...just tired.

Why am I so tired do you say??? Well, my sweet sis came down from West Virginia and last Friday we proceeded to make Lasagna and meatballs to put in the freezer for the Rehearsal dinner....8 pans...and 180 meatballs...and more to was a Friday marathon...but it was fun to have some help...and laughter! Then she helped me pull together all of the stuff we already have and then go and buy what else I needed for the dinner ..and then helped me look for a DRESS!!!!! No, I am STILL looking! I found one that will do, but is not what I really had my heart set on. So......still gonna look.

My sis Linda is also gonna be the wedding coordinator, so while she was here we went and let her meet with Mollie and discuss some things and then we went to let her look at the wedding site. Can I say...this is going to BEAUTIFUL??????

So, no yard sale fixes or making Fall things, or crafting of any sort....but SOON....and cannot wait!

You know, I think I am mentally preparing for the big will be an emotional one...Seth

doesn't understand why there are tears when it is a happy time....oh yes, I am happy....happy to

see my son find his soul mate~the mother to his children~his help mate~his best friend! Happy

that we finally will have a daughter, and one day grandkids, but also reminiscent of my sweet

little boy who hung out with me doing Christmas decorating and cookie baking and making

Jesus' Birthday cakes, and the snuggly {is this a word?} little boy who loved for me to lay in his

bed while reading the same books over and over to...night after night.....and let me sing to him

my little songs that I made up for him [very silly ones I might add!}.. And of course there is my

vast knowledge of all makes and models of cars that I now have because as a boy...he knew them

like the back of his hand and taught them to me! The toddler who took walks with me while I

pulled him in his little red wagon,and dug in Legos and Lincoln Logs [Do any of you know that

sound??? So sweet, but sure was annoying at the time!] and built things all over the living room!

Then later in life the teenager who loved to hunt for free stuff with his dear mom on the curb

side pickup weeks in our little town and then eventually antiquing together.....oh shoot..I could go

on and on...and I WILL miss those things, already do...BUT...there are new things to enjoy...and

I cannot wait to see what they are! So, it is a mixed cry that I will be doing on that big WEEK!!!!! ....and it is ok....really, it is....

Have a great day...and~
Enjoy EVERY Moment!