Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy as a bee!

Oh my goodness! A whole week has passed and I have neglected my new venture----Blogging! Do you have trouble feeling like you don't have anything exciting to say??? My life is a pretty normal one, so it's not full of new and different things going on~~~~~like, say Linda @ Behind My Red Door with a new grand baby{thanks Linda for becoming a follower of me!}, or Leslie @ My Country
Home with her children now home for the summer....alot of you are enjoying that at this time! Me, well....we are just beginning the journey of Empty Nesting....and are muddling our way through it! Right now we spend as much time being available to our son and his fiancee, as they are busy getting ready for their married life! You know, it will never be just like this ever again, and I have made it a challenge in my life to Enjoy
Every Moment of this process!!!! So, you may see that saying alot in my posts! Now on to the events of my past week!

Last Sunday, Mollie and Seth wanted to take the canoe out for a while. We all gathered up our gear and SUNSCREEN and off we went! Had an awesome time! We have a 3 person canoe and so we took turns laying out and canoeing. It was a blast! I made sure all involved kept their sunscreen on so as not to burn, but .....I forgot ME!!! Well, needless to say...I have blistered and am now peeling! Not good!!! Then we came home and made dinner~~~~Ribs on the smoker!!! Oh yeah!!! It was a nice day spent together. Seth and Mollie were not going to be able to be here yesterday for Father's Day, so we celebrated in a way then!

  1. Then on Tuesday...all HAIL broke loose! Literally! Mike and I were shopping in Gastonia and as were driving home, we began to notice the skies looking very strange. Dark to the left and right and clear in the middle. Then it started lightening all around. As we were driving down the road to our house lightening hit some lines and was very close! We kept going and Mikes eyes are glued to the skies. He has been watching Storm Chasers and has learned what to look for in major storms. He said "It is coming! I think it is RIGHT here!" Seth was at home, and was on the front porch when we pulled in and hit the garage door. The power went off just as the the door was halfway up. I said....ALL hail broke loose! Huge Hail!!! Seth manually opened the door and we got in! The trees behind our house were laying down the wind was blowing so hard and it was lightening! Wow! Dumb us, though ---we stood at our french doors and watched it all! Never again! Well, when it was over . it was a mess.! No major damage~Thank You God~ but the garden took a beating...lots of limbs down, and the well cover was missing. But WE were ok! The power came back on in the middle of the night, so it wasn't too bad.

Then on Saturday, we drove down to Travelers Rest and helped Moll
ie move in to their house they have chosen to rent. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far this summer and humid. But their little home is so sweet! We got it cleaned and ready for her to stay there that night. Mollie and Seth both are doing Broyhill Leadership Camp this week at Queens University in Charlotte, so she won't be there this week. Seth is working all of the camps but she is only doing two of them. They are both recent College Grads and are having a hard time finding jobs in their fields so they are doing a bunch of little jobs til they find just the right one! Mollie got a job at a church doing some work on a Evangelistic Campaign they are
doing--she will work 20 hours a week doing that and then she is also doing yard work for a couple. Seth works on a local farm helping them do upkeep. He has done this for several years now, and they take very good care of him financially! He does 5 camps during the summer also. He has been sending out resumes too.

Haven't got to do alot of crafting this week. Not sure I will be able to do much this week either as I am packing for our CRUISE!!! WooHoo! More on that later--this has been a long post--sorry.

I am hoping now to put some pics in to be able to show some of what I am talking about !! Easier said than done for me!

Have a great day...!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It has been a fabulous weekend with sunshine~~ and some rain, but then again God knows what we need of both! I decided early on this year with all of the rain that we were having to not complain as we have been in a huge drought for the last three years here.

Mollie and Seth were here, so we got up and made a good breakfast and then they had a meeting for some camps that they are working at this summer. We cleaned up the kitchen and Mike asked if I wanted to go to some out of the way Goodwill's and Thrift Shops that I don't usually get I said YES!!!! It was a great day and didn't find anything but got to spend time riding around looking at nature and spending time with hubby! We had thought we would make ribs on the grill that night, but we didn''t get home in time so I made Calzones....on the grill....they turned out GREAT! The kids loved them~! Then we watched Night in The Museum {the first one}. It was funny and now I am set to see the new one!

I wanted to tell you that I decided to make Blackberry Cobbler last night also! It was almost a landslide decision over pie! It was SO good...and we bought some frozen vanilla yogurt to go with it! It you haven't tried Food Lion's brand---go out and try it---it is very yummy!

Well, I hoped to have pics of the cobbler, but we ate it too fast! Sorry, maybe next time! I wanted to share it with you because we did it in a cast iron skillet on the grill! It was a beautiful piece of work... :D

Well, have a great Sunday! Take time to rest and celebrate our Lord and Savior ~Jesus!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blackberries.....pie or cobbler????

Hi there !! How are you this morning?? I wanted to share with you something that I did---well watched being done---yesterday. My two boys found some blackberries ripe on the farm that my son works at and we--well, they-- went and picked some !!! WooHoo! I am not much for high weeds and flip-flops...not a great combo, I don't think! Anyway, I froze them and am trying to figure out which I want to make---pie or cobbler....and wondered what you thought.

It was a beautiful day on the farm...just so hot and humid. I don't know how Seth works out in it all day. I worry about him some days...he comes home so drained. But he is surrounded by nature and the quietness and God's wonderful creation, SO inspiring.

So, do you see my finished firecrackers??? I think they turned out pretty good! What do you think?? I made a second batch, but feel like they turned out too dark [my mistake] may add them with some of the others and mix and match them to sell....Also. that is my husbands first attempt at making a dough board. It is made out of 100 year old wood. I think he did a great job, very proud of him!

Well, hope this day finds you well....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miracles still exist!..

Well, it was a sad day yesterday for my son, but really all three of us! My son decided to take his furniture finds to KatyDids Antiques to try and sell them there. My husband and Seth loaded everything up along with some items that I was taking up there. We got out on the road and everything was going great, and Seth looked back and the mirrorjust went flying of of the 100 year old dresser.......he was SO upset....BUT miracle of all miracles....the mirror did NOT break! The wood holding was shredded to bits....but....My husband was able to stop and get to everything before any cars ran over them, so we have all of the pieces, they just are not together. We were So disappointed--He ended up putting them in the booth as is....maybe a good place for a big screen??? I know it isn't waht he had hoped.....the history was so intriging to him. He just graduated from college with a degree in History.....his desire was to pass that history on....

These pics were taken before he put the knobs back on and finished waxing the pieces....the knobs really made the things even more beautiful, but I forgot to take pics !!!!

It is going to be another hot one here is nice, but I just wilt to nothing in this weather!!!! I am a mid 70's to low 80's kind of gal....but I have to say Thanks God for the sun as well as the rain.....
have a great day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is the place where my son, Seth and his fiancee'., Mollie will be married! Table Rock state Park. It will be a beautiful wedding!

Have you ever had a day/week that you feel like you have SO much to do, but don't know where to start??? This is my week! I am trying to re-do a few things for the booth and also do some painting...but it is all a bunch of little things that are flowing together!

The antique mall I am in is participating in a city night in our town. There will be booths and a band and dancing, etc. It sounds like a great thing to get my things I guess I feel pressure to be really good! I don't have alot of confidence in all of this as of yet, so...I am nervous!

My son has decided to put his pieces in the booth, and I think they will do well. I am going with him today to rearrange my first booth to get them in it and still look good! I hope he is able to sell them soon, he really needs to have that money in and, as he is getting married in August and, of course, there are always a bunch of little things that you need.

Well, I do hope I can load some pics in today....just wish I could figure out how to do it the way I want to! I am a bit impatient if you can't tell!

Have an awesome day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh well...!!!!!!!

Hello..good afternoon! Hope your Monday is starting off well! I got up this morning and actually made it to the YMCA! It felt good to do my time on the treadmill and lift those old weights! Got home and on to work! I am attempting to make the firecrackers that Char taught us to do a few days The Pickled Pepper Patch. My hubby cut the dowel for me and brought them dog went NUTS!!!!! She sniffed one and then grabbed it and ran to start chewing.!!! Mind you-this is the dog that only HIDES the bones we get for her...she rarely ever chews them! She went to town on this piece of wood and then started throwing it up in the air playing with it.....crazy! Here is a pic of her with it on my son's pillow. Her name is Sarah. She is a Beagle springer spaniel mix.....and we LOVE her!

Ok..I am still not understanding what to do on this thing! I can only load pics in together, not in between my ramblings....have to work on it.....

Anyway, I wanted to put in a pic of my yard sale finds, but until I figure this out --you will have to wait til next time!

Have a great day!
Enjoy Every Moment!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Outbuilding Finds!

Good Morning! Hope all are having good and productive weeks! I am still working on some things for my booth. Took some time yesterday to go Goodwilling yesterday...what fun!

As promised, here are a few pics of my Son's finds.
He found this in an outbuilding in the upstairs of it! Pretty amazing! There were items form the 1940's in it...but I think it is from the Early 1900's or late 1800's....what do you think????

He hasn't worked on the knobs yet in this pic.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hot Tamales!

It is very hot and humid here this week! I know that I shouldn't complain, so I won't...just making a comment! I melt in this type weather! Not to mention the hair problems! It is supposed to make a cooldown this weekend, so that will be nice.

I am trying to learn more each day concerning the blog world. I believe now I have learned what I was missing with the comment problem. So please, let me hear from you! I love to read your blogs, and feel like I already know most of you!

I worked on painting and staining some things that hubby made the other night. Some candle boards and a dough board. He is working on a display for the booth also. My son gained access to an old estate and I will have to take pics of what he got out of the barns and out building there! Wow! Old doors, a metal table, a wood table--all white and prim, and a potting bench--just adorable...a white wooden box thingy....old Christmas cards....oh I could go on and on! NOW....what is mine and what is for sell???? That is the question of the hour! I will go out and take pics to add to this{if I can!!!}

I forgot to mention what my son found to sell on his own! It is awesome! Well, it doesn't seem to want me to put tat pic in right save it for tomorrow! Just wait til you see! Guess yiu will have to check back in...!!!!!!

Have a great day, and....
Enjoy EVERY moment!