Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I know you have seen this from me--many times in the past.... This is another reminder for ALL of us...
I am from the County in WV where the Mine explosion happened.  We found out late last night that our Niece lost her husband of not even 2 years  We were lucky to see him this past weekend at a family reunion of sorts..    We know many of the families that lost loved ones.  Life is too short not to take time and appreciate those in our lives.  Please say a prayer for all those affected by this.  The weeks and months ahead will be hard....there are many who still await news of their loved one even at this hour....

Please take time to give your loved ones time, love and your heart. 
Enjoy EVERY Moment!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring HAS Sprung!..& how about those "EERS?!!

Yes, We are READY, too..aren't we?  South Carolina has been cooler than normal and wetter than normal, BUT we are looking at things to start changing!  ...and hopefully soon!

This is a pic of the Antique Store that  I have a booth in.  Katy-Dids Antiques .  Trying to make some changes  and add some new things.  They are located in downtown Gastonia, NC.
 Yes, spring HAS sprung..but look at the cute Santa that Kathy and Dennis found Saturday!
 I don't have a bunch of Antiques at this time, but this is a cool Pepsi Cooler that I actually used in my home for awhile!  My Dad collected Dr. Pepper -so the Pepsi collided with it!

These are a few more oft he things we have done...actually our son made the bench, 'coffee table'.  Love this gray color.  Well, to tell the truth --he also made the towel shelf too!  We just painted it and added the back to it!  This green is so pretty in person, but didn't show up too well in the pic!

By the way, can everyone share with me the way that you keep your comments CLEAN???  I got some terrible messages that seemed like Spam...not sure how to get rid of it...yucko!

Well, guess we will be headed to WV this weekend.  Speaking of WV...how about those 'EERS!!!  The Mountaineers, that is!  I am not a big b-ball watcher, but got excited over my home team being in the Sweet 16!  Now..the Elite 8 !  They will play Duke on Saturday, and I guess we will be cheering them on from HOME (in the mountain state) this time!!!

Happy Easter!  Enjoy EVERY Moment!!!  Celebrate JESUS!!!!!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Oohhhhh, my aching back :-)

I have heard people say that all my life....my mom has had a bad back since I was a little kid......and now..I KNOW what they mean...and how they FEEL!!!!  I helped my son run the tiller to put in our garden Tuesday...and then on Tuesday moved my booth around....well...got veryfamiliar with the heating pad that night...Moving very slowly yesterday and today....ugh!  Hopefully will be better SOO N!!!!!

This weekend is a 'Shop Hop" for some of the prim shoppes in my area, and am hoping to be able to go...sounds fun...and my DH loves to go to eat the food AND get inspiration ! 

Nanbrook Farms is one of the shops.  http://nanbrookfarm.blogspot.com/2010/02/spring-open-house-march-13th.html   Another is Country Heart http://www.annscountryheart.com/

They are several of them  working together to make a day of Springtime Prim Fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weeknd --enjoy your time with family!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello!!!!!  Wow, Didn't realize how long it has been!  Kind of been in a 'funk' lately..ever been there???
I have been painting some of the things that DH has made for our booth.  This is a pic of a part of our booth.  We are in the process of redoing it again...

This is a piece that we made to be a candle board, but haven't got around to making the candles for it...so...I made it a unique game board!

This is a 'redo' that I did...and added the eggs for a gathering.  I  fell in LOVE with these large eggs...like a emu egg or something..really cool!

Another little game board...love these colors!   And then, of course, a smaller egg bowl gathering for your sideboard or.....?

My Bunny friend!  Love him!  And a version of our stools that we make.. this is a porter stool style, which we can make in any color!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow--ICE in South Carolina

Hope this finds everyone doing well and enduring the wintertime!  I am having a hard time finding things to talk to you about!  I LOVE reading all of your blogs....and a QUESTION for you....I cannot leave comments on certain blogs...one is Pickled Pepper Patch and the other is Tomatoe Creek Prims..does anyone have any ideas as to why???...and has this happened to anyone else? 
Made a few decisions lately concerning our booth and what we are going to be doing with it....we have not had a wildly successful year, but have enjoyed what we have done....so....we are going to keep at it.  I have also contacted a few girls locally with prim stores and we are going to try to make a few things to put in their stores also.  Mom and Frank came through on their way to Florida and I had mom come with me and do an inventory and 'change up' the booth.  She was a BIG help!  We got it all done, but I got to talking and I forgot to take any more pictures than this!  Mom really helped me out by BUYING some things form me for her friends birthday...YEAH!!!!!

They were calling for a big snow storm here for Friday and Saturday, but we got mostly sleet and ice...but it was pretty to walk in...no snow angels or snow men, though...too hard!!!!  Hopefully we will have another snow storm soon....I LOVE snow!

These are some flowers that have started to BLOOM again!  They bloom all year...funny, my friend that bought this for my birthday years ago...thought I would enjoy it for the season, but it just keeps coming back!  Love it!

This is  a pic of part of my backyard.  I thought I might mention that I am wanting to sell this ladder.  I found it in a barn last summer and LOVED it but it is too big for my home...and as I shared before I have my Father in laws old ladders that I decorate with....if you know of anyone interested...let me know!  I can take a better pic if anyone is interested!  Usually, I have a little herb garden in forn of the bench.  It looks so drab in the winter....BUT Spring is closer than it was!  
Has anyone been watching American Pickers????  Love that show!  Sounds like something I would LOVE to do!!!  I am a follower of Olde Tyme Marketplace and she does something very similar and finds the neatest stuff!!!!

Well, everyone have a Great rest of the week...gonna try to get myself out of this 'funk' and start doing some things!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finished product....server...or whatever you call it!

Remember  the Server or shelf...that I was making for my sis and her hubby for Christmas???  I did a post about it before Christmas.  Well, here it is in her home...just minutes after opening it!  I turned around and she had it in the spot she wanted it for and already had things on it!  I THINK she liked it!...what do you think????


This is my sister, Linda and Craig, her husband.  When we got there, she was babysitting for two of her grandkids while mom and dad did some last minute shopping.  You see, the week before Christmas ...WV was DUMPED on  3 1/2 FEET of snow!  People were stuck in their homes and businesses were closed for several days...it was terrible!  So, everyone was rushing out at the last minute to get stuff done that they normally would have had done the week before..!  The kids are Nolan and Brenton and they had a blast with Gramps and Grammy playing games and reading books and making sugar cookies together! 

Mom liked her little soap holder too....I made one for me, but haven't hung it yet....

Well, I hope everyone is having a good week....2010...do you believe it?  Times flies....ENJOY EVERY MOMENT our God gives us!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

This Little Light of Mine...

Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to share a few pics with you of some of my recent finds! I have been looking to find more "prim" lamps for my home, but am on an Extreme Budget, so......you know how that goes! I love to see all of your black tinware(?) lamps....I WANT one..or two or three!!!!! Anyway, I found these lamps around Christmas with some of the money that my Mother in Law gave us for Christmas. I really like both of the looks, but finding affordable shades to go with them is proving to be the problem!

I just LOVED this lamp....$4.14 is all I had to put for this one.... I SNATCHED it right up!!!  It i a gold/mustard kind of color, and I am toying with the possibility of spray painting it flat black....what do you think???  I kind of like the mustard color too...hmm..what to do.....I had the shade already...haven't found anything else I could afford  :D

What do you think of this little 'firkin' lamp?  Isn't it cute?  I found it at Katydids Antiques...the little Antique Shop that I have my booth in...LOVED it!!!!  Not so happy with the shade again, but am looking!