Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just BREATHE!!!!

Wow!! Do you believe that Christmas is already here...and will be GONE before you know it? You know, if you read me at all, that I say CONTINUOUSLY to Enjoy Every Moment.....well THIS is one of those moments. I know it can get hectic with buying, baking, decorating, wrapping....it ALL sometimes gets to be TOO much. But please....start today and sllloooowwww down...and look at the faces around you, the sights and sounds and smells. BREATHE it in....This ---these things and people are what Christmas is all about.

I wanted to show you this Soap holder that we made for a tutorial from Simply Prim..
I LOVED it!!!  I decided to do this last minute for my mom...SHE will love it!  Thanks Kris!  That is what I love about blogging..

These are different shots of my tree this year.  I wanted it to be more simple --so this is where we went this year....not sure if I want to do another year without a live tree. I am so gonna work on taking prettier pics for you all in the New Year.  Bear with me...

This is a picture of Poppy Seed Roll that I now make for Holidays.  My mom always made it and the Nut Rolls and I decided to try to learn to make it before she is gone and I never learned!  I forgot to take a pic of the after...but I made both...and they are SO...good...have any of you ever had this?  I made my own nut filling this year....the pic doesn't look too appetizing, but believe me...it IS!!!!

Well, we are preparing to head out of here to SNOWED in WV!!!!  Anxious to see the snow....it WILL be a White Christmas for me!
I hope and pray that each one of you will take time in the next couple days---starting TODAY and just breathe it in......it will NEVER be just like this ever again!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you...and I am So thankful I have found you!

ps.....I will have to take the pics of my the end results of the server and the little shelves we made...wrapped 'em up before I took pics...oops!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

STILL working as a ELF!!!

This is just more pics of my work in progress.   These are for my married  nieces and nephews and brother and sister.    We made each a little bit different.  Thought it would be cute with some grungy candles in them...a prim towel....etc....any ideas????  I am working in my kitchen --because it is so cold right now, and I am not comfortable working the kerosene heater out in the garage myself!  I am now considered a true SOUTHERN girl...at least my blood is.....I am Freezing, but it is ok, because normally --I am too hot.....those ol hormones!!! 

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

More of Old Tyme Marketplace candle lit night!

I wrote this blog the other day, and I guess I forgot to post the pics...!  This is more of Beth's shop.  I want one of EVERYTHING!!!!  Enjoy!!!!!


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Elves have been working!

My DH has been working out in the garage for the last few nights.  We decided that we would make our gifts for our family this year, so he got started....none to soon, huh?  I still have to paint and stain and all, but I am pretty excited.  We are trying to decide whether or not to try to start a real "business" with our handcrafts, so this may be a start! 

I wanted to share this tree with you.  My sweet Grandma at the age of 80, made all of her grandchildren one of these in this size for Christmas and also one for each of the great-grandchildren at the time.  There were 6 great grandkids and 1 was on the way-- which was my little guy..he was due on the 6th of December and was born on the 12th.  This, along with my nativity ,are the very first things I put out every year.  What an heirloom!   And Seth took his  to his own home this year.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful!

Posted by PicasaThis is another pic of the  outside of Olde Tyme Marktplace.  Ol' Beth has been busy also.....and I keep thinking about all of the goodies I saw in her shop...what fun!  I know this is blurry, but I wanted you to see how cute she has the outside of her place.  If you are ever in Marshville, go introduce yourself!

Well, I better get of of here.  Haven't been sleeping the best, and I am tired....so off I go..to .get it while I can!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New friend and lots of Christmasy Prim goodness

I couldn't wait to share this with you. I have been reading this lady's blog for a while now, and FINALLY got to meet her! She has a beautiful shop in Marshville, NC. DH and I have decided that it is literally a stones throw away from here, but yet on the other side of the world! ...but it was SO worth the trip! Her shop is Olde Tyme Marketplace. It sure made my day to visit her shop...okay, my SEASON!!!! She had a weekend Open House, but on Friday night she had a candlelight night! She is in a very old building....go check her blog for more info about the building---and she had white lights and candlelight all around her pretties...Bluegrass band singing Christmas Carols....ahh.....so fun! So, I just HAD to take a few pics! Hope that you enjoy! I am still trying to figure out how to add a link....so bear with me!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Workshop!!! See what I did to my Christmas Present!

Just wanted to show you a few things I have done so far. It is so of hard for me because I want my home to look like some of yours...NOW....and I know that you all have worked very hard for awhile now....so I will TRY to be patient AND content....

This is a view from my kitchen into the dining room. Funny......we went to a yard sale in February and got this tree...pretty new...in box...and PRE-LIT!!! No, the lights did not work ---so DH cut them all off for me and Mollie redid them for me!

The hutch that you see is a hutch that my Father-in-law made me ...hmm....24 years ago....wow! Anyway...I love it, even though my style has changed a bit, I cannot bear to change it! He also made the farm table you see...he made benches to go with it, but they don't work in my dining room.

I wanted to point out to you the Family sign....I got one of those peel off thingys at the Dollar Tree...and wanted to try one...so here it is! I am sure my next one will be nicer, but kind of like the way this turned out! I am not much of a artist--words, picture-kind of artist--I SO appreciate the work that some of you do...say Kindra, for example...my goodness! Well, I could name a bunch of you that do your own artwork! I admire you!

This is my parents in law first nativity...the one that my husband remembers growing up. Many years spent with my son putting it up for me on the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, I did it by myself, but SO enjoyed remembering .....the Bible is open to Job 42:2~~~ The verse is one that a dear friend is claiming during her battle with cancer. Say a prayer for the Miller clan if you think about it.

Okay--this is a first attempt at a pic with this ....I wanted to make it look old fashioned and I think colored lights do that! Although you cannot see them in this pic...so I may be doing another with just this later for you!

The ladder is from my husbands side of the family--way back--is all I know...have two of them --so Seth can have one also!

I am still working on it...it is taking me longer this year to get it into shape...I have two new trees and am changing my plans around, though...so we will blame it on that!!!!

Well, that is all for now...shew...I don't know how y'all do one of these everyday! Don't stop, though, cause I LOVE to read them!

Enjoy EVERY Moment!!!!
Merry Christmas to ALL!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I got my Christmas Present....now I need ideas!!!!


So sorry that I have been AWOL....man, I am gonna get better about this blogging stuff! Please hang in there with me...I will do better!!

I have enjoyed reading all of your nice postings on your Thanksgiving doings...sounds like everyone really enjoyed themselves and all of their family!!! We had a different type of day/week as we were alone til the Saturday after the big day.....We had a good time though as we decided to volunteer at the USO in the Charlotte Douglas Airport. They are always needing extra help around the holidays, so we decided it was the right thing to do. The soldiers and their families were SO appreciative of the meal provided by a local church. Lots of turkey and stuffing and cranberry compote, corn and sweet potatoes. Very generous also! It was a foggy day and so there were alot of layovers and delays, so many of them were stuck in the airport for the most part of the day...and many of them were only on a short leave form there bases, and had to be back Sunday. As you can imagine there were many long faces as they realized that they would be late for lunch/dinner. Many said they wanted to wait to eat Mom's or Grandmas turkey only to come back in a few minutes and ask if they could still eat as they were going to be there for awhile. It was a wonderful day that made me feel SO very grateful for our service men and women. They AND their families truly sacrifice much to serve and protect us.

My son and his wife came for the end of the weekend which also was my new DIL's birthday...so we made a nice dinner of roast chicken and smashed potatoes and roasted broccoli...and TIRAMISU!!!!! It was yummy...and I think she liked it! They helped us get out some of our Christmas things and decorate one of our trees...kind of a tradition now, as we have been doing that together since they started dating.My son has put this little angel on the tree since he was a babe! My husband and I got it for our first Christmas Tree topper...and I can't seem tom part from it. I have a more "prim" star for the other tree.

Now on the BIG news!!!! I was at home yesterday just "tweeking" my Christmas things....and my DH came home and put his head n the door and asked if I could help him with something. I said "sure." I opened the door to the garage and this is what was waiting for me! I started to cry...in shock! Kind of a funny story as to how he got that for me......Katydids Antiques --where I have my booth---got this piece in and I fell in LOVe with it!!! I told the owner that he should price it higher than it was, because I felt like he could get more money out of it! He took the tag off and was asking me what to put on it, while my DH was in the back talking to owners wife telling her he wanted to put it on layaway! Anyway, I thought it was long gone. I have had dreams about it....really I have had dreams.....so now it is MINE!!!!! I am trying to decorate it, and I don't have a great collection of pottery...YET...so I am just looking for some ideas. I have a few things on it...but just thought I would like to know what YOU would put on it if it was yours...thought it might be fun to see.....

Well, please excuse all the clutter....I am one of those that have to make a mess to clean one up...!

Enjoy EVERY Minute of this Christmas season!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harvest Time! Come and meet a few "new" friends!

Hi there! Just wanted to share with you a couple places that I visited over the weekend! Several of the "fun" shoppes were having their Holiday open houses this weekend, so hubby and I combined visiting them and leaf seeking and it was a great afternoon!

The first place that we visited was Nanbrook Farms in Lincolnton, NC. Just drinving to and through Lincolnton...was inspirational!!! But upon arrival at Nanbrook...it was "Ahhhh". I am home !!!! She has so many neat things in her shoppe and it is so warm and friendly! She had GREAT snacks as per my hubby...so he even likes to follw along! ....although he likes her shoppe as much as I do!!!! It is in a Log Cabin! She had trees all around and her little "elves" were so happy and helpful!!!

My pictures really don't do it justice as this was the first time I ever asked to do such a thing! She was gracious though and allowed me to share them with on you on my blog! Here is her blog link! http://nanbrookfarm.blogspot.com/

I also visited Splinters and Rags, but the shopkeeper there was busy with customers and I didn't want to bother her, so I just took a pic of the outside...another neat building filled with lots of goodies! She is also going to be in The Southern Christmas Show this coming week...so she is in for a BIG time!

We also visited a place in Shelby, NC on the Friday before called A Country Heart. Ann is the shopkeepers name. She has a delightful store front in downtown, and is filled to the rim with prim!!!!! I failed to bring along my camera that day.

This week was the beginning of the Christmas season for Katydids Antiques where I have my booth. I helpes Dennis and Kathyy begin getting their Christmas goodies out and their trees decorated!

I would like to share the 3/50 project with you this Christmas season. I can't really explain it, but this link can! http://www.the350project.net/home.html

Monday, October 26, 2009

I received my Tart swap!

I was SO excited Saturday when I got home and saw my husband walking to me from the mailbox with a package! He was sniffing it and smiling! I quickly tore into it and was so happy to see what I received form Tammy @ www.onefrustratedmomma.blogspot.com
She makes her own Tarts at Rose Craetions and boy-do they ever smell good ! She sent me some of her sopa and a sachet also. Great first time swap for me! Thanks Char!........

AND Thanks to Tammy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy as a Beaver

Goodness! Cannot believe how quickly time flies! I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted! I was looking at some of your posts and SO enjoying them and then realized---hey--I NEED to post! Although, again, I don't have the exciting things in my life like some of you!

I have spent alot of time moving furniture around my house, trying this here and moving it back here and then moving it there...does that make sense???? It has been almost funny....I will get up early because I can't sleep and start looking around...and by the time DH gets up I need his help to move something! Poor guy---don't know how many mornings we were moving stuff at 6:30 in the AM!!!!

Well, let's see...guess I will give an update to the MS Bike ride that my hubby did two weeks ago. He rode 102 miles from rock Hill, SC to Greenville SC for this cause. He did great and actually cut time off of the ride this year! The morning started off VERY foggy and it is hard to watch your DH ride off into the fog on o BICYCLE.....on curvey country rodes! They have alot of support people in cars and motorcycles and trucks...so they are not alone as they ride...even if they get separated from the pack....

It was a good day because I got to spend the afternoon with my son in HIS home ---I fixed some lunch and brought it with me...and then my DIL (first time to write that!) came home form a wedding that she had been in the night before just in time to get to see Mike ride in to the finish line in Greenville! Then we went to eat together. They bought their old Ma and Pa some Ice Cream to celelbrate the occasion! Of course, DH was the only one of us who could really afford the calories we took in that night! >..But is was ok...we were together and laughing...and having fun!

Fall colors are slowly coming this way. We ave taken a few "color" rides so far. We so enjoy those, much like Linda and Mr. Red Door ! A great tradition! We drove up on the Blue Ridge Parkway a little bit last week and stpped by one of our favorite places there---Price Lake--so pretty already! We also have been walking at Kings Mountain State Park and I took a few pics there.

We have been making a few things for our booth. It is hard because alot of times you have to spend money even to "repurpose" things and we are trying to NOT do that right now as DH and his job are struggling right now --and I know alot of you know what I mean by that!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Busy as a Beaver"? Well this is a pic I took of a busy beavers work! I know most of you are understanding this feeling right now preparing for the holidays and shows you may be in for Thanksgiving and Christmas....

Oh yes! I found a fellow blogger that lives in my actual COUNTY!!!! Shakerwood Prims! I have been following her for a while now and just realized that she was so close to me! We were talking of meeting up at a local park this weekend actually, but I will not be able to as I am working at the booth and then driving into Charlotte to work at the USO Saturday. Maybe sometime!

I am SO sorry..cannot get these pics in here straight for the LIFE of me!!!

Well, hope all is well with all of you! Enjoy this time ...before it gets too busy!
Have a great weekend!