Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It has been almost a year! Missed you--

My goodness --time flies---seems like faster and faster the older I get.  I have missed blogging, but still struggle with the thought of not having anything new or exciting to say!  I am still doing Primitives and Antiques and Reproductions, and my booth has really begun to pick up.  I have met some wonderful people while doing what I love, and I love what they do!!

The last time I was a sad day as we had just found out that a family member had passed away in the Mining tragedy in WV.  Our niece is really struggling, but I think she has done so well.  She is one strong young woman, and she should be proud of herself.  Please remember these people this week as the Anniversary of the tragedy is April 5th.

I suppose I need to show some pics of things we have been working on....Boy, hope I can remember how to do all of this. 

 Great chimney cabinet...we can make these in any color...well, any of our things!

 These two pieces are great also.  The little cabinet doesn't have a back in this pic, and then it sold before I could get it decorated in my booth and get a pic!  Made alot of the bowl racks in many different colors.

 These two pieces were hard to photograph and they sold before I could decorate and take a pic.  The red one looks like it has legs, but it doesn' is made to sit on a counter or hang and put bowls, plates, pitchers, etc in.
 This is a piece that I LOVED...and was praying that my dear hubby would make me one---and he did...just waiting for it to be finished,s o I can pu it in MY house!  It is adorable!
 And I do not remember how to flip pics...I will work on it though!