Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finished product....server...or whatever you call it!

Remember  the Server or shelf...that I was making for my sis and her hubby for Christmas???  I did a post about it before Christmas.  Well, here it is in her home...just minutes after opening it!  I turned around and she had it in the spot she wanted it for and already had things on it!  I THINK she liked it!...what do you think????


This is my sister, Linda and Craig, her husband.  When we got there, she was babysitting for two of her grandkids while mom and dad did some last minute shopping.  You see, the week before Christmas ...WV was DUMPED on  3 1/2 FEET of snow!  People were stuck in their homes and businesses were closed for several was terrible!  So, everyone was rushing out at the last minute to get stuff done that they normally would have had done the week before..!  The kids are Nolan and Brenton and they had a blast with Gramps and Grammy playing games and reading books and making sugar cookies together! 

Mom liked her little soap holder too....I made one for me, but haven't hung it yet....

Well, I hope everyone is having a good you believe it?  Times flies....ENJOY EVERY MOMENT our God gives us!

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