Monday, January 11, 2010

This Little Light of Mine...

Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to share a few pics with you of some of my recent finds! I have been looking to find more "prim" lamps for my home, but am on an Extreme Budget, know how that goes! I love to see all of your black tinware(?) lamps....I WANT one..or two or three!!!!! Anyway, I found these lamps around Christmas with some of the money that my Mother in Law gave us for Christmas. I really like both of the looks, but finding affordable shades to go with them is proving to be the problem!

I just LOVED this lamp....$4.14 is all I had to put for this one.... I SNATCHED it right up!!!  It i a gold/mustard kind of color, and I am toying with the possibility of spray painting it flat black....what do you think???  I kind of like the mustard color too...hmm..what to do.....I had the shade already...haven't found anything else I could afford  :D

What do you think of this little 'firkin' lamp?  Isn't it cute?  I found it at Katydids Antiques...the little Antique Shop that I have my booth in...LOVED it!!!!  Not so happy with the shade again, but am looking!