Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is in response to Linda at Behind My Red Doors challenge of things I like about August! It was kind of tough, because, normally it is not my favorite month at all!

I also wanted to show off a nice crock I found...and ask if anyone knows of a place to find out more about value and only has the #2 on it...but I don't see any names....any ideas are appreciated! This is my first "real" crock buy!!! I just liked the look of it! Probably will go into my booth, so I want to know more about it to price it.

So here goes......

My 10 Best Things About August

#1~~~August 29th--Seth and Mollie will become man and wife

#2~~~Sunflowers---Black -Eyed Susans and all the other pretty yellow flowers....

#3 Tomatoes...usually we can lots and lots of them this month, but now I am just making Spaghetti sauce and meatballs :D (if confused--you just have to read earlier posts!) BUT, I am eating LOTS of them!!!!

#4~~~Fresh veggies and fruit...squash, corn, SC peaches (orchards all around me) watermelon, cantaloupes,, I am in heaven!

#5~~~Thoughts of fall

#6~~~~ Thoughts of cooler weather...not cold, but not sweaty either! I can burn candles without it making it hotter! WooHoo!

#7~~~~ The Greek Festival in Charlotte is just a couple weeks away!

#8~~~~ Football....crazy, but I am starting to actually LIKE do NOT understand it, but I like it!

#9~~~Fall feels SO good to get that done!

#10~~~~~The SOUNDS of fall...the crickets and bugs....birds...they ALL sound different...

Well, that is my feeble attempt....
Hope all are having a great August!!!!