Thursday, August 20, 2009

It Won't Be Like This For Long

Hi there!!!! Wow...we are on 9 days and counting til the big day! It seems like time has flown by, and yet it seems like it drags on...strange to feel both! Ever feel that way???

I found a dress...actually 2 dresses.....not sure of which one I want to wear! It is so hard for me to think of being in pics...I hate pics of me...but I LOVE to take pics of others! We will see how it goes.

Time has been spent thinking, planning and making LISTS! I am so afraid of forgetting something for the rehearsal dinner. I have stashes all over the in the freezer...shoo! I also am helping Seth get everything packed up to take to his new home. So, we have that all over too! I actually cleaned Seth's room yesterday, so he doesn't fell claustrophobic in it! I just keep reminding myself..."It Won't Be Like This For Long". Have you heard that song...? Oh is about a girl, but I can make it for a boy in my mind! Darius Rucker does it --if you haven't.

I made some sauce and meatballs to freeze and will make one more today or tomorrow. My mom and sis are going to make some extra sauce also. We are going to use the catering kitchen in the lodge and it has warming ovens, so I have to make sure the Lasagna will not dry out!

I wanted to show a few more things that I found earlier in the summer in the old barn. I need to take them to the booth....

You know, I am so PROUD of my son! He brought home an OLD rocker yesterday with the greatest "Bones"! It is in very bad shape, but he has dreams of having it re-upoholstered...he has such vision! I just don't know too many young people that can think past the look of stuff (and the smell :D) to see a beautiful finished antique!

I am still struggling with my tick bite. I took the recommended two weeks of anti-biotics, but still"feel" like something isn't right! I have to wait for 4-6 weeks to get the test for Lymes Disease, so I must wait. Not a very patient person!

Well, have a great end of week and WEEKEND!! WooHoo! will be ONE WEEK!!! OMGoodness!