Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello!!!!!  Wow, Didn't realize how long it has been!  Kind of been in a 'funk' lately..ever been there???
I have been painting some of the things that DH has made for our booth.  This is a pic of a part of our booth.  We are in the process of redoing it again...

This is a piece that we made to be a candle board, but haven't got around to making the candles for made it a unique game board!

This is a 'redo' that I did...and added the eggs for a gathering.  I  fell in LOVE with these large a emu egg or something..really cool!

Another little game these colors!   And then, of course, a smaller egg bowl gathering for your sideboard or.....?

My Bunny friend!  Love him!  And a version of our stools that we make.. this is a porter stool style, which we can make in any color!

Well, this is short and sweet....working on listing some things on Craigslist today...we have a 1972 Volkwagon Super Beetle that we are trying to sell.
..her name is Lucy!