Friday, March 12, 2010

Oohhhhh, my aching back :-)

I have heard people say that all my mom has had a bad back since I was a little kid......and now..I KNOW what they mean...and how they FEEL!!!!  I helped my son run the tiller to put in our garden Tuesday...and then on Tuesday moved my booth veryfamiliar with the heating pad that night...Moving very slowly yesterday and today....ugh!  Hopefully will be better SOO N!!!!!

This weekend is a 'Shop Hop" for some of the prim shoppes in my area, and am hoping to be able to go...sounds fun...and my DH loves to go to eat the food AND get inspiration ! 

Nanbrook Farms is one of the shops.   Another is Country Heart

They are several of them  working together to make a day of Springtime Prim Fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weeknd --enjoy your time with family!