Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring HAS Sprung!..& how about those "EERS?!!

Yes, We are READY, too..aren't we?  South Carolina has been cooler than normal and wetter than normal, BUT we are looking at things to start changing!  ...and hopefully soon!

This is a pic of the Antique Store that  I have a booth in.  Katy-Dids Antiques .  Trying to make some changes  and add some new things.  They are located in downtown Gastonia, NC.
 Yes, spring HAS sprung..but look at the cute Santa that Kathy and Dennis found Saturday!
 I don't have a bunch of Antiques at this time, but this is a cool Pepsi Cooler that I actually used in my home for awhile!  My Dad collected Dr. Pepper -so the Pepsi collided with it!

These are a few more oft he things we have done...actually our son made the bench, 'coffee table'.  Love this gray color.  Well, to tell the truth --he also made the towel shelf too!  We just painted it and added the back to it!  This green is so pretty in person, but didn't show up too well in the pic!

By the way, can everyone share with me the way that you keep your comments CLEAN???  I got some terrible messages that seemed like Spam...not sure how to get rid of it...yucko!

Well, guess we will be headed to WV this weekend.  Speaking of about those 'EERS!!!  The Mountaineers, that is!  I am not a big b-ball watcher, but got excited over my home team being in the Sweet 16!  Now..the Elite 8 !  They will play Duke on Saturday, and I guess we will be cheering them on from HOME (in the mountain state) this time!!!

Happy Easter!  Enjoy EVERY Moment!!!  Celebrate JESUS!!!!!

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