Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sharing my roots

My Italian roots that is!!!!!

Since I haven't shown many pics of my makeover crafts, thrifting, etc lately...thought I would share what I am doing.....

These are ust some of the bottles that I am cleaning up to use for my son's Rehearsal dinner.....the plan is to get them clean and put one on each table with these sunflowers in them! [fake--the place we are in doesn't want fresh flowers in the building as it is old and they can stain the floor,etc] My son and I have found a bunch of old mason jars and milk bottles and thought it would be a cute "prim" centerpiece! I am planning on lining the tables with white butcher paper, and then putting a square of homespun in the middle ---green and beige-----and then the jars and flowers...what do ya think?????? Another idea I had was to put crayons at each table...or colored pencils maybe for people to draw on or write sentiments for the kids....not sure of this yet! The theme is Italian since I am making Lasagna and Meatballs and homemade sauce. AAAHHH!!!

Anyway, wanted to share that with ya!
Haven't felt very good the last 24 hours....achy joints and all....hmmm....
Hope your weekend is gong well!

Hey...remember me talking about the piece that my son found and was taking to sell and the mirror fell off???? It is a VERY old one...somewhere around 1800's...I think I can finally show you a pic of it! Be watching for it!!!! It is [was] a beauty!!!! left a comment on my last blog....I wanted to leave you a note, but couldn't on your email addy either!!! My husband does a 100 mile bike ride to raise money for MS!!!