Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a short one.......

Ok...I am short, but what I meant is that I was going to do a short post!!! Ok, a little silly this morning! I am looking for a dress for the wedding and think I may just go crazy! I am not the "normal" size, as I am 4"11". There isn't a huge amount of dresses out there for someone my size and my age. I don't really want to spend alot of money on something that I won't necessarily wear again, so.....I am on a quest and I will win! Keep ya posted!

I had promised a picture of Seth's piece of furniture that we unearthed from the old barn a couple months ago. Remember, I told you the story about getting it here, cleaning it up and then getting it on the truck to take it to KatyDids to sell and the mirror flying off????? It was beautiful! Amazing that it was still intact after all of these years...it is probably from around the 1800's! Well, it is still for sell, but just the bottom part. He kept the rest of it to possibly try to fix for himself if it doesn't sell as is..but.....He needs moolah right now!!!
This is a picture of another piece that we got out of the same barn.. It is for sale also at Katydids...I think it would make a great TV stand for one of the big screen TV's! This pic was taken before we got the knobs back on.

I just want to say that I have so enjoyed reading all of your blogs and my husband laughs at me because I talk about you as if I know you!!! I hope to have more time to write and share my thrifting journeys with you....my life will be making some twists and turns in the near future and I will come out on the other side as a Empty Nester! More on that later!!!