Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some pretties ...

Thought I would show you a few things around my home...nothin' fancy....just HOME!

Love this in my front yard...this is SO pretty! I was taking the pic and the neighbor girl walked by nd said she thought this looked like a pic in a magazine!

This is Sarah, our trusty old dog who loves to sleep, take walks, and EAT!!!! She is such a good companion!

This is a yard sale redo.....I painted it and Hubby made the box for the bottom. I put it in the booth today.

This is one of my attempts to use those labels that we all love so!

These are some more of the bottles that Seth found for me to wash up and use for the Rehearsal dinner.....they sure are dirty, but there are some really neat ones! Thanks Seth!

Well, again, not exciting, I know but just wanted to share a little bit of "Me" with ya!

Have a great evening !