Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking for the LIDO deck!!

Hey all...just got back from a week of Cruising! This was my first and if I can ever afford it again, will not be my last! It is CRAZY! Food...ALL the time...[not good since my son is getting married in August....]...live music....family.....sunrise, sunset....ahh..it is the life!!

My mom turned 80 this year and she wanted all of her family to go on a cruise with her...so she paid for us to go!! WooHoo! It was my brother and his wife and my sis and her husband and Mom and her husband Frank, as well as my brothers wife's sister and Mom. We ate dinner together every night {at 8:15 pm} and shared our experiences of the day together. We stopped in Key west and then on to Grand Caymans and then to Jamaica, man....it was awesome! I will share photos in the necxt few weeks....

Now, I need to focus on making meatballs and sauce to freeze for the rehearsal dinner. My sister will be coming to help me prepare the lasagna to freeze at the end of August.

What has been going on with all of you in the last couple weeks? Good Fourth of July??? We stopped in Jacksonville on the way home and got to watch them there....just awesome!

Well, everyone ---take care.....I am working on photos to share....