Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Workshop!!! See what I did to my Christmas Present!

Just wanted to show you a few things I have done so far. It is so of hard for me because I want my home to look like some of yours...NOW....and I know that you all have worked very hard for awhile I will TRY to be patient AND content....

This is a view from my kitchen into the dining room. Funny......we went to a yard sale in February and got this tree...pretty box...and PRE-LIT!!! No, the lights did not work ---so DH cut them all off for me and Mollie redid them for me!

The hutch that you see is a hutch that my Father-in-law made me ...hmm....24 years! Anyway...I love it, even though my style has changed a bit, I cannot bear to change it! He also made the farm table you see...he made benches to go with it, but they don't work in my dining room.

I wanted to point out to you the Family sign....I got one of those peel off thingys at the Dollar Tree...and wanted to try here it is! I am sure my next one will be nicer, but kind of like the way this turned out! I am not much of a artist--words, picture-kind of artist--I SO appreciate the work that some of you do...say Kindra, for goodness! Well, I could name a bunch of you that do your own artwork! I admire you!

This is my parents in law first nativity...the one that my husband remembers growing up. Many years spent with my son putting it up for me on the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, I did it by myself, but SO enjoyed remembering .....the Bible is open to Job 42:2~~~ The verse is one that a dear friend is claiming during her battle with cancer. Say a prayer for the Miller clan if you think about it.

Okay--this is a first attempt at a pic with this ....I wanted to make it look old fashioned and I think colored lights do that! Although you cannot see them in this I may be doing another with just this later for you!

The ladder is from my husbands side of the family--way back--is all I know...have two of them --so Seth can have one also!

I am still working on is taking me longer this year to get it into shape...I have two new trees and am changing my plans around, we will blame it on that!!!!

Well, that is all for now...shew...I don't know how y'all do one of these everyday! Don't stop, though, cause I LOVE to read them!

Enjoy EVERY Moment!!!!
Merry Christmas to ALL!!!