Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I got my Christmas Present....now I need ideas!!!!


So sorry that I have been AWOL....man, I am gonna get better about this blogging stuff! Please hang in there with me...I will do better!!

I have enjoyed reading all of your nice postings on your Thanksgiving doings...sounds like everyone really enjoyed themselves and all of their family!!! We had a different type of day/week as we were alone til the Saturday after the big day.....We had a good time though as we decided to volunteer at the USO in the Charlotte Douglas Airport. They are always needing extra help around the holidays, so we decided it was the right thing to do. The soldiers and their families were SO appreciative of the meal provided by a local church. Lots of turkey and stuffing and cranberry compote, corn and sweet potatoes. Very generous also! It was a foggy day and so there were alot of layovers and delays, so many of them were stuck in the airport for the most part of the day...and many of them were only on a short leave form there bases, and had to be back Sunday. As you can imagine there were many long faces as they realized that they would be late for lunch/dinner. Many said they wanted to wait to eat Mom's or Grandmas turkey only to come back in a few minutes and ask if they could still eat as they were going to be there for awhile. It was a wonderful day that made me feel SO very grateful for our service men and women. They AND their families truly sacrifice much to serve and protect us.

My son and his wife came for the end of the weekend which also was my new DIL's birthday...so we made a nice dinner of roast chicken and smashed potatoes and roasted broccoli...and TIRAMISU!!!!! It was yummy...and I think she liked it! They helped us get out some of our Christmas things and decorate one of our trees...kind of a tradition now, as we have been doing that together since they started dating.My son has put this little angel on the tree since he was a babe! My husband and I got it for our first Christmas Tree topper...and I can't seem tom part from it. I have a more "prim" star for the other tree.

Now on the BIG news!!!! I was at home yesterday just "tweeking" my Christmas things....and my DH came home and put his head n the door and asked if I could help him with something. I said "sure." I opened the door to the garage and this is what was waiting for me! I started to cry...in shock! Kind of a funny story as to how he got that for me......Katydids Antiques --where I have my booth---got this piece in and I fell in LOVe with it!!! I told the owner that he should price it higher than it was, because I felt like he could get more money out of it! He took the tag off and was asking me what to put on it, while my DH was in the back talking to owners wife telling her he wanted to put it on layaway! Anyway, I thought it was long gone. I have had dreams about it....really I have had dreams.....so now it is MINE!!!!! I am trying to decorate it, and I don't have a great collection of pottery...YET...so I am just looking for some ideas. I have a few things on it...but just thought I would like to know what YOU would put on it if it was yours...thought it might be fun to see.....

Well, please excuse all the clutter....I am one of those that have to make a mess to clean one up...!

Enjoy EVERY Minute of this Christmas season!