Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The BIG day! Just breathe...

I sure do hope I am not boring you with all of the details of this wedding, but I feel a need to write it down...if only for drink it all in....and treasure it. So here goes!

Seth and Mollie's wedding was at 2pm on Saturday the 29th of August. Sometimes it is hard to believe that the day has passed actually---so much thought and time went into that moment in! We were already tired from Friday and the rehearsal dinner and was exhausting emotionally...and physically.... We got up early and sat out on the porch and drank coffee and some friends of ours came over and we fixed a nice breakfast to start the day...actually feeling relaxed! Mollie had asked if I wanted to go with she and her mom and sisters when they got their hair done and I had said yes...thinking I might actually need to get something done to mine to fight humidity of the day--didn't want to look like a frizz ball all day! So I got showered and washed and dried my hair and then Katie, Mollie's older sister picked me up to go to the place where we were to get our hair done. It was about an hour away and she and I got to talk...really love that girl--she is funny and beautiful--inside and out! It was nice sharing this time with the Franklin women....and seeing them get ready for the BIG day! It was running late, though and we had to rush to get back for pictures!

We got back to the cabin and everyone else was where they were supposed to be to take the before pics....except ME!!!! So, I rushed and got ready....not what I wanted, but probably better in retrospect! Our friend Jenn and her daughter Emma came and picked me up to got o the Lodge. Mollie and Seth had decided to do the bulk of the pictures before the wedding so they could spend time with family and friends that had come to share in their special day. When Jenn and I pulled up to the Lodge...there they two boys and Greg ( Jenn's husband and Emma's Daddy) and it took my breath away! It was hard ...but I held on and my eyes just stayed was so sweet...and I was so proud! sweet Emma

I have to insert here about the craziness of getting the dress for the BIG day! I didn't get the dress til the Saturday that was not the first was the 6th dress! I am not a fan of being in front of alot people--so, it was hard for me to think of that! But my hubby really liked this dress, and I was given my Grandmothers pearls to wear with it and then he bought me a Pearl bracelet to go with it and it felt just right! Very special....

The time came for the big "reveal".....hearts pounding, smiles broad on our faces, eyes misty(again)....They had Seth come to the base of the castle stairs and turn his back to them and then had Mollie come down and put her back to him.....and then .......bumtobum bum.....They turned around....and we were there to was a beautiful moment shared by all!! My son's face was radiant.....I cannot think of another word! It was beautiful! They chose to make it a big deal as it would have been if he was seeing her for the first time in the ceremony...and I think it was perfect!
The Big reveal

Then we went our separate ways to await the ceremony...this time was full of fun and we got to see alot f our friends and family arriving....I wass starting to relax a bit by now....and I think others were also....

The line up began...Greg and Seth came in from the side and then they began to seat the Grandmas and Moms....they wanted Seth to see all of this....we all sat in Rocking chairs at the front sides of the Lodge.....this was nice, but scary at the same time, as I was too short to sit back in the rocker...I was afraid of looking like Edith Ann( am Itelling my age? Does anyone remember her?) Well, I know I mentioned that my breath had been taken away earlier, but at this point...I am not sure I WAS breathing! When Mike (hubby) seated me he kissed me...and gave me "the look" and said "I love You". ....ok that was a reminder to I did...for a sec anyway! Then Mollie came out....oh my.....beautiful......! The ceremony was one of the most meaningful ceremonies I have ever witnessed.......More on that later.....They did their vows and did the Cord of Three Strands and then Kissed---more on that later too!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Breathe Kim!!!!!!!

All in all, a wondeful day....I got to watch my son and his bride dance and
Mollie and her poppa dance and then I got to dance with my boy...oh what a feeling...I chose "My Wish" for us to dance to and I ace had a hard tome listening to it till now....but I actually caught myself SINGING it to him while we were dancing! These are some of the words....

My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big , your worries stay small
you never need to carry more than you can hold..

And when your out there getting where your getting to
I hope you know somebody loves you
and wants the same things to
yeah this is My Wish....

I can't believe I sang it TO him, but I was definitely feeling it! Shew!!!

Well I must stop much was special, but just to us.....
But I am SO happy for them.....They are happy! Very.....
Now all their days are the BIG days!
Thanks for reading and sharing---