Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you ?

I wrote this last year...2008...but as I think and watch /rewatch what events unfolded 8 years ago today, I felt it all again!

Where were you on September 11th....?

I was sitting on my bed--looking out at the beautiful blue southern
sky. I had just returned from taking my son to school and kissed my
husband goodbye for the day. I was watching the news when they began
announcing that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. Talking
about shock and awe-----it was all over everyones faces! As we were
reeling from that, another plane came into view and it hit the other
building-right in front of our eyes.

My thoughts and emotions racing, I began to cry. I looked out my
window and saw cars driving by, all strangers, as we had recently just
moved here. The announcers were beginning to confirm what I was
thinking, but didn't want to hear. This was a terrorist attack. I
began to be afraid. My heart wanted to be with those that I love. My
husband did not have a cell phone at that time. My son was safe in
school and didn't want to scare him more than he would already be. I
called my Mother. She didn't know. Mom, please turn on your TV! We
sat in silence. It was SO shocking. I then called my Mother and
Father in Law. I called my sister and brother. Why was I calling all
these people? I think I wanted to make sure that all were safe. They
were concerned that I was alone. I just wanted to hear from Mike.
Where was he? Did he know? As the day rushed by, I wanted--- needed
to be close to my family. I called the school to see how they were
handling all of this. They were letting the older kids watch TV an
discussing it with them. That, I decided, was where Seth needed to
be. Finally, somewhere in the middle of the day, Mike called. He was
supposed to be on the road overnight, but he was coming home!

My flag! I wanted to put my American Flag out! Front and center. I
went to find it and ready it to hang. Then it was time for me to go
and get my son! I was shaking as I picked up he and his friend
Derrick. They were full of thoughts and just chatting away, but oh
how happy I was to see them, touch them, to listen to their words.
Words filled with fear, anger, questions, excitement. There was no
understanding all of this. When we got home, Mike was home and we
decided to put out the flag right away. We did so as a family and
then offered a prayer for our country, our President, the families of
those that were lost.

We sat together watching the news. Glued to the horror that was
unfolding. Happy, though to be with each other.

My parents in law called the next morning. Did Seth and Mike stay at
home? No. Everyone wanted it all to be as normal as possible.
What was normal? Would it ever be normal again? It didn't seem like it.
Bob and Rosemary wanted to be here with me. They were driving down
tomorrow. Everyone just wanted to be close to family.

So, they did.

And our lives have changed. Our world has changed.

But Our God is still in control.

Proverbs 3:5,6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own
understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct
your path.