Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow...what a mind and heart are still reeling! I am tired....but feel sort of reflective...don't know how to describe it! I have so many things to share, but don't know where to start!

Well, it was a beautiful weekend! If you are close and can get to Table Rock State Park in Pickens SC, you should! It is breath taking! It is inspiring! ....So it was a great place for a wedding! We stayed in the cabins there and so enjoyed the fresh air and the rustic feel to them! They have all of the amenities that you need...and there was a kitchen so we never had to leave there if we didn't want to!!!! Each morning and evening was spent sitting on the screened porch watching the deer and listening to the birds wake up....ahhh,...nice!

This is outside of the front porch...

Our bedroom.....very comfy bed....nice surprise!My hubby and Mom standing on their sides in excitement for the upcoming festivities!! :)
....SEE all of the lasagna???? WOW!

Seth made this to give to Linda (my sis) for being their wedding coordinator. It is a quilt rack/shelf thingy......My boy has become quite the craftsman!

This is us doing the Jordan Almond Favors I had for the dinner...I will need to take a pic of them when I can so you can see...they turned out great....

The next pic is one of just my car...showing you how full we were...had to take everything BUT the kitchen sink---thank goodness...wouldn't have known what to do with it!

Mike and I---it was becoming increasingly REAL right here.....there was gonna be a wedding! :D

I will tell you about the Rehearsal dinner...and hope it doesn't sound to much like bragging! It went off great!!! Way too much food, but that is better than not enough!!!! The decorations I chose fit in so nicely in the Lodge and the surroundings.. My mom and Sis and I were able to get done all of the things we needed to do and and then get the kitchen ready....It was nearing time for us to go and get dressed and ready for the evening and I was getting worried.....but my Sis in law came to the rescue! They were coming form Kentucky and got there just in time! She took over the kitchen duties along with my Mom in law and Brothers in law and my mom's husband, Frank! What a blessing! They would not let us back in to do anything...go and a grandma, or mom, etc! Wow! Truly a wonderful gesture...and SO much appreciated! The food was good and the music was nice{actually found Italian Dinner Music Cd at the dollar store--woohoo!} Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time! A nice blend of two families~got to meet some new faces on Mollies side and she ours...and I got to see alot of my nieces and nephews and their was just a perfect evening!
Tammy -sis in law---what a trooper!!!

Well, I don't want to bore you completely in one setting, so I suppose I will share a few pics and then come back another day to share the rest of the story! The best part that is!!!!