Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hot Tamales!

It is very hot and humid here this week! I know that I shouldn't complain, so I won't...just making a comment! I melt in this type weather! Not to mention the hair problems! It is supposed to make a cooldown this weekend, so that will be nice.

I am trying to learn more each day concerning the blog world. I believe now I have learned what I was missing with the comment problem. So please, let me hear from you! I love to read your blogs, and feel like I already know most of you!

I worked on painting and staining some things that hubby made the other night. Some candle boards and a dough board. He is working on a display for the booth also. My son gained access to an old estate and I will have to take pics of what he got out of the barns and out building there! Wow! Old doors, a metal table, a wood table--all white and prim, and a potting bench--just adorable...a white wooden box thingy....old Christmas cards....oh I could go on and on! NOW....what is mine and what is for sell???? That is the question of the hour! I will go out and take pics to add to this{if I can!!!}

I forgot to mention what my son found to sell on his own! It is awesome! Well, it doesn't seem to want me to put tat pic in right save it for tomorrow! Just wait til you see! Guess yiu will have to check back in...!!!!!!

Have a great day, and....
Enjoy EVERY moment!