Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh well...!!!!!!!

Hello..good afternoon! Hope your Monday is starting off well! I got up this morning and actually made it to the YMCA! It felt good to do my time on the treadmill and lift those old weights! Got home and on to work! I am attempting to make the firecrackers that Char taught us to do a few days The Pickled Pepper Patch. My hubby cut the dowel for me and brought them dog went NUTS!!!!! She sniffed one and then grabbed it and ran to start chewing.!!! Mind you-this is the dog that only HIDES the bones we get for her...she rarely ever chews them! She went to town on this piece of wood and then started throwing it up in the air playing with it.....crazy! Here is a pic of her with it on my son's pillow. Her name is Sarah. She is a Beagle springer spaniel mix.....and we LOVE her!

Ok..I am still not understanding what to do on this thing! I can only load pics in together, not in between my ramblings....have to work on it.....

Anyway, I wanted to put in a pic of my yard sale finds, but until I figure this out --you will have to wait til next time!

Have a great day!
Enjoy Every Moment!